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About Us

FAHRENHEIT was born in the year 1992. Since then we have aspired to create a brand where talented individuals collaborate to deliver extraordinary results. This journey in becoming a responsible brand rests on every decision being taken – regarding designs, fabric quality and sustainability with a strong customer centric focus. Hence their loyalty is not just for our products but also the value that Fahrenheit creates for them.

Our goal is to create a brand that embodies a global Indian. We are committed to help our customer build a wardrobe that is unique and versatile as them. Our commitment to excellence raises the bar in styling and quality year after year. We want to create a footprint as a price sensitive brand with exceptional quality. Fahrenheit has grown to serve more than a thousand MBO’s and all the Lifestyle stores nationwide.

Vision :

We want to leave a legacy of “Made in India” and Serve in India. Unflinching commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction have always been the prime movers. To us every customer becomes valuable as soon as they go on the Buying journey. We wish to engage with our customer and make their experience meaningful. Our vision is to bring trust and transparency and make a product that can stand the test of time.

CSR Initiative

Fahrenheit Clothing has also worked towards empowerment of rural women by training them in sewing centers set-up inside the facility. They are later absorbed in the manufacturing unit and made financially independent. They also undergo counseling on personal hygiene and literacy. They are made technically sound by imparting them knowledge on the science of garment making.

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